Moody Ales Flower Sour Mixer

4 Sour beers in 1 convenient pack! Moody Ales has released a new Flower Sour 4 can Mixer pack with a great lineup of flavours.

🌸 Cherry Blossom Sour:Springtime in a glass. A delicate bouquet of rosy aromas introduces a fruity, cherry-forward flavour profile. Real rose petals infuse the brew with heady warmth and a rich scent. Ripe cherries add a light, mellow sweetness on the palette while revealing layers of earthiness and irresistible tang.

💜 Raspberry Lavender Sour: This absolute sweetheart of a sour boasts notes of fresh raspberries and fragrant lavender. On the nose, herbaceous floral aromas unfold into a basket of delicately tart field berry flavours that finish with an easygoing, approachable sourness—all wrapped up in a fabulously fuchsia-coloured brew.

🍑 Peach Hibiscus Sour: Summery stone fruit and berry-tart hibiscus infuse this brew with nostalgic flavours of iced peach tea and cheeky handfuls of dried cranberries. Bright aromas of fruit leather and dried blueberries support a lush flavour profile with enough pucker-worthy sourness to remind you that this drink is definitely made for grown-ups.

🍓 Strawberry Jasmine Sour: A strawberry milkshake disguised as a fruited sour, this beer has a charming, jammy aroma and sleeper-agent-smooth mouthfeel that highlights just a touch of tang at the finish. Notes of jasmine flower impart a rich warmth to the brew, doubling down on the elaborate illusion of creaminess.