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Metro Liquor Symbol The Commons Brewery

$12.30/bottle Prices/availability may vary by store.

The Commons Brewery out of Southeast Portland, Oregon, brew delicious European inspired brews.

Their Urban Farmhouse is wonderfully crisp, light and refreshing. It's the perfect accompaniment to a picnic on the beach.

The Flemish Kiss is unmistakenly a pale ale, kissed by the floral, sour, qualities imparted by the addition of brettanomyces. Enjoy this beer with sharp cheeses and charcuterie.

The Commons' Seasonal Ale, Madrone is their offer to the hop heads. If you are torn between classic Belgian Saisons and North American IPAs, this beer was designed with you in mind. Enjoy this dry hopped Farmhouse Ale with spicy Thai food or curries.



Metro Liquor Symbol Les Trois Mousquetaires
       Les Trois Mousquetaires is an award winning brewery out of Brossard, Quebec. 


Their Porter Baltique is an incredibly impressive black lager with stunning flavours of coffee, chocolate, black cherry and smoke. This is a curl up by the fire kind of beer but it is so tasty we figure a hot summer day will suffice too. Enjoy this with smoked meats and cheeses, or with fine chocolate for dessert. 

$12.30/bottle Prices/availability may vary by store    

On a slightly more sessionable note is their  Sticke Alt, a remarkable red lager offering from the brewery. This is a beer to be enjoyed with Eastern European fare such as spicy sausage, perogies and cabbage roles. The herbal flavours of the beer compliment the cuisine of Dusseldorf, Germany where this altbier gets it's inspiration.

$10.05/bottlePrices/availability may vary by store 


Metro Liquor Symbol In the spirit of the FIFA World Cup, Whiskies from around the world.

For all of the France supporters out there, Bastille Hand Crafted Rare Whisky is a beautiful dram, best described as delicate and floral. Two descriptive words one would hope aren't indicative to their soccer team. This whisky is finished in French Limousin Oak casks which impart exciting flavours and aromas of rose petals, orange peel and vanilla. This is such a sessionable whisky and an absolute must buy.

$63.75/bottle.prices/availability may vary by store

If you support the land down under and are cheering for Australia this World Cup, a true fan on game day would not be complete without Tasmania Distillery Sullivans Cove Rare Double Cask Single Malt Whisky. This Whisky is riddled with accolades for it's distinctive taste with flavours of herbs and spices, candied pear and a very vanilla driven nose.

$113.70/bottle.prices/availabilty may vary by store

Nikka Pure Malt Black is not only for the Japan fans, everyone should try out this gem. The Pure Malt Black is full of fruit, balanced oak, peat and toffee. Best served with the television turned on.

$74.40/bottle.prices/availabilty may vary by store

If only a Canadian Rye could qualify for this World Cup Category! 

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